• How long is the warranty for the 3D pens and 3D printers?
    Warranty for the 3d Pens will be 3 months. After which, you are liable for any repair costs.
    You will need to send the 3D pens to the centre to get it repaired. We do not do collection. Collection at your premise will incur a charge. Repaired items will be self-collected at the centre.

  • If my filament is running low, how do I order and how long does it take?
    You can call the centre or order it through the website. Orders will take 3 weeks as shipment is not from Singapore.

  • What is the filament made up of? is it safe?
    ABS and PLA. Do read up on this link to understand it more.

  • How can I make payment for the filament bought online? Will I have to collect it on my own?
    You can make payment through bank transfer to this account number (). Goods can be sent to you through local mail (small packages) or courier (bigger packages), and the delivery charges will be included in the total amount after checkout.
    If you wish to self-collect, do make arrangements with our staff before-hand so we can arrange a collection date.